Laugh, it’s Mother’s Day

This Sunday will be my 21st Mother’s Day. It seems impossible that I’ve been at this game for so long – surely my babies were only babies a moment ago. It flies by, I tell you. I’m not sure if I have learned any marvelous lessons or gained any great wisdom, but I have been able to keep the kids alive, clothed, and loved for all those years. And, I have kept my sense of humor. I am often sarcastic – sometimes downright snarky – but I have always valued the ability to laugh at life. I laugh when life is hard. I laugh when life is plain miserable. I laugh at myself to be sure I never take myself too seriously. Mostly, I have learned to come out on the other side of almost anything with a smile.

My kids all have a great sense of humor. It is one of the things that delights me most. And, while I may try to guide them toward gentleness, I can not fault them for the times when their snarky attitude holds a mirror in front of my own personality.

A sense of humor is necessary to surviving many seasons as a mom. Parenting toddlers is often thankless, repetitive, and certainly exhausting. Finding those moments of levity is lifesaving. Parenting a teenager is often the same. Being the mom of a boy of any age can also present challenges. Boys are wild and fun and smell like puppies. They can also melt a mommy’s heart in a very unique way.

My son will be 18 this year. He is smart and silly and creative and frustrating beyond belief. He has challenged us and tried my patience. He was Batman for about 2 years when he was little. I mean he WAS Batman. He refused to answer me unless I called him “Master Bruce” and he called me “Alfred.” I have a few friends who still call me Alfred, in fact. He has brought many tears to my eyes. Tears of frustration and hurt. Tears of pride. But mostly tears of laughter.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day and in the spirit of keeping laughter at the forefront, I want to share with you my son’s Mother’s Day tribute from 10 years ago. To save you time I have transcribed it from it’s original creative spelling.

I admire my mom because: Something.
If I wrote a thank you note to my mom, I would thank her for: My bed.
The activities my mom and I share are: Really not much.
An important lesson my mom has tried to teach me is: Not to trust dingbat’s like {kid in class}.
I am proud of my mom because: she gets angry at my sister.
An area of disagreement between my mom and me is: About school.
My mom is proud of me because: I am creative.
I am embarrassed when my mom: Nothing.
I am like my mom in that:  don’t know.
If I become a parent, one thing I’d do that my mom has done with me is: Teach them to cook eggs.
If I become a parent, one thing I would not do that my mom has done with me is: Take my kid to school.

Happy Mother’s Day. Keep laughing, mamas!